Welcome to Nanny Monitor Distributors of The Nanny Baby Breathing Monitor in the UK

Nanny Monitor (UK) Ltd is the authorised UK importer & distributor of the Nanny Monitor manufactured by Jablotron - the largest manufacturer of alarm systems in the Czech Republic, Jablotron has achieved ISO9001 compliance for its achievements in the implementation of quality systems for manufacture and management.

Our baby breathing monitors have undergone clinical trials to ensure the safety of your little ones. We distribute Nanny baby breathing monitors throughout the UK. The oxygen monitoring device is dedicated to preventing SIDS - or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - by keeping you informed the second your baby stops breathing. We seek to give parents complete peace of mind.

We are an enthusiastic division and we are committed to Nanny because we truly believe that the Nanny Baby Monitor is the best device on the market.
Nanny has undergone and passed thorough independent testing in a hospital environment as part of the clinical assessment phase.
It is best to contact us by email. The sales team regularly visit hospitals and nurseries and although we try to staff the office at all times, this is not always possible.

Advice to carers of young infants.

Place your baby on their back to sleep.
Don't smoke during pregnancy (this applies to both parents).
Don't allow people to smoke in the same room as your baby.
Don't allow your baby to get too hot.
Keep your baby's head uncovered; their feet should be to the
foot of the cot to stop them wriggling down under the covers.
Don't fall asleep with your baby on the sofa.
Don't share your bed with your baby if you or your partner:
- smoke;
- have been drinking alcohol;
- are taking medication or drugs that causes drowsiness;
- or are excessively tired.
Place your baby on their back to sleep.
Put your baby's cot in your bedroom for the first six months