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Why Buy The Nanny Monitor?

The Nanny monitor device has been designed so that your baby cannot reach it. This means Nanny cannot be accidentally disabled by your infant.

Nanny ALWAYS alerts you with an acoustic alarm if there is a problem with your baby's breathing.

Nanny's sensor pad is the largest pad on the market and is 40% larger than the next largest pad on the market. If you wish, you can upgrade your Nanny to use a second sensor pad. Or you may decide to buy a reserve pad to leave with relatives.

Nanny uses standard AA batteries that can be easily replaced when Nanny indicates the batteries are low (usually after 6 months).

Nanny is certified as a medical device and has passed hospital clinical trials.

Nanny is supplied with a 2-year warranty. As far as we know this is the longest warranty on the market.

Nanny has been designed not to use a wireless connection for safety reasons (highlighted in the section above). Nanny's alarm is very loud, but we advise that you check that you can hear the alarm from all the rooms in your house and take the necessary precautions for the rooms that you can't.

Additional Pad

For when your child starts to outgrow the area of your Nanny Monitor pad or becomes more mobile, Nanny supply an additional pad which is designed to connect, with the existing pad, to the main control unit. This pad is the same size as the original pad and doubles the actual monitoring area. The splitter connector and cable are supplied with the original main unit you purchased. The connections are simple to make and the one control unit will monitor both sensor mats.

Note: This additional mat cannot be used to monitor a second child as the control unit would become confused with 2 breathing patterns and continually alarm.


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